Tours & activities around Chania…

Visit Sfakia, one of the most authentic places of Crete.
Enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of lake Kournas.
Make a stop to the remarkable monasteries of Agia Triada Tzagarolon and Gouvernetou.
Trek through Samaria gorge, Europe’s longest gorge.
Hike to the impressive caves of Lera, Asfendou and Kryonerida.
Discover hidden waterfalls in places with historical value.
Take a tour to local wineries, having wine tastings and Cretan cooking experiences.


Museums & Archeological sites

Crete was the center of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoans, from 2700 to 1420 BC.

Experience the effect of the rich history of Crete in its museums and archeological sites. Visit some of them in the Chania and Heraklion prefectures:

• Chania Archeological Museum
• Maritime Museum of Crete
• Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Museum of Chania
• Historical Museum & Archives of Chania
• Municipal Art Gallery of Chania
• Venizelos Tombs
• Mosque of Kioutsouk Hasan
• Museum of Typography
• Ancient Theatre of Aptera
• Archeological Site of Aptera
• Archaeological Site of Knossos (Heraklion)
• Archaeological Site of Phaistos (Heraklion)

“Don’t look for a pill that can substitute the Cretan diet. There is no such thing.” (Serge Renaud, 1998)


The Cretan culinary experience…speaks to the heart!

Mantinades-based music and dances, performed with the Cretan lyra and the laouto.


Cretans are fiercely proud of their island and customs.

The famous painter El Greco was influenced by his homeland, Crete.

The renowned Cretan authors Nikos Kazantzakis and Vikentios Kornaros have made important contributions to the Greek Literature.