Visa Information

Greece is a member of the European Union and belongs to the Schengen area. All EU citizens may enter Greece without Visa or passport.

Visa Requirements

Citizens of some countries need an entry visa for Greece. If you need a visa, make sure to apply for one well in advance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece provides detailed information on the countries requiring a visa and the points of the nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate.

For more details, please visit the website of the Hellenic Republic – Ministry of Foreign Affairs..

Invitation Letter

An official letter of invitation to attend the COFIL 2022 will be provided to the requesting participant. To request your personal letter of invitation please send us an email at

NOTE: Conference participants must have registered and paid the required registration fees in full before requesting an official letter of invitation.


Whichever your needs are in terms of accommodation, Chania has got you covered. The range is wide and able to cover all tastes and budgets. It is considered one of the most developed areas in Greek Tourism and offers all forms of accommodation, meeting the demands of hundreds of thousands of travelers each year.

All participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements.

Please note that the month of July is high season period for Crete, so room availability is expected to be limited, if arrangements are not made well in advance. 

Early booking is strongly advised..